Oct 5, 2016

October Promotion - Get 1 Week Trial!

OddStorm October Promotion

Register at Pinnacle and get 1 week trial!

Hello OddStorm friends,

In the last post we announced the support of the Back/Lay arbitrages. If you didn't have the opportunity to make a profit from it, now is the right time! Get 1 week trial by following the steps below:

  1. Open new private tab in your browser or clear your cookies - This is the most important part because in order to get the trial you need to be tracked as OddStorm's affiliate. To open new private tab in Chrome press "CTRL + SHIFT + N", to open it in Firefox press "CTRL + SHIFT + P"
  2. In your private browser tab go to this link and click on the button "Open account for your FREE trial"
  3. Register at Pinnacle and fund your account
  4. Send e-mail to support@oddstorm.com with your Pinnacle ID (eg.AB12345) and your OddStorm username to be able to check if you are tracked as OddStorm's affiliate and activate the trial
  5. You will get a reply from us shortly

The promotion will be active until 31'st of October 2016