Middles - The power of value betting

The middles - this powerful technique of betting is not popular but is a very good way for large profits with not so large bets. The middles are something between surebets and betting. In other words, with middles you can make bets with very low risk, which can lead to a profit if the match ends with specific result. Sometimes it could be just a free bet without any risk. Actually this is an surebet plus freebet on specific result. What exactly does this mean: We have a clear 1 (Home Win) with oddsVisit OddStorm1.75 and in the same time the asian handicap line is +0.75 for the away team with odds 2.19. We bet both sides just like an arb when the asian line is +0.5. Take a look at the picture.
As you can see here, the middle calculator is not so different than the normal one. But you can see in the upper left corner there is a number and a percentage in the brackets. The number shows us the value of the middle. The percentage shows the potential loss (sometimes win) from total stake if the results do not meet our conditons. In this example we have value of 8.14 and potential loss of 2.73% of our total stake. The condition to win is the match to finish with one goal win for the home team. So we need results as 1:0 2:1 3:2 etc. Why? Let's analyse whole bet part by part. As it is written before, we have 1 and AH2 +0.75. We know that if we just bet AH2 +0.75 without any other bets on this match, to win we need X or 2. Incase of a home win with one goal we will lose half and will get back the other half. If the home team win with more than 1 goal we lose all. As we know from European Handicap there is a EHX (example: home to win with exacly 1 goal) which in most cases is with odd between 3.5 and 4.00. Actually the statistics show that home team wins with exactly one goal in about 20-25% of all matches. That means every 1 from 4 or 5 matches. The value number of our middle which is 8.14 gives us a bet on EHX(-1) with 8.14 odd which is nothing than a value bet. I suggest you to take every middle over a value of 8, and sometimes between 6-7. It depends on the middle, the match and the movements of the odds. You have to expect to win 1 from 4 middles. Also, what happens if in our example the home team wins with one goal: We win the bet on 1 and take back a half of the asian bet which is our profit. If the match ends with home team with 2 or more goals we have a win only the bet on 1.
Sometimes you can find a middle without any risk. Here is the example:
In this middle, we have a clear 1.24% surebet which guarantees us a profit no matter what the result of the match. But, If the match ends with a 1 goal win for the visitors, we will make an additional profit from our bet in the Asian Market. We will take a half of our bet made on +0.75. So if we have a bet on 1.65 with stake of 159 and bet on +0.75 with stake of 100, we guarantee a profit of 3.22 and IF the away team wins with ONE goal, this will add another 50 bucks (which is a half of our asian stake). So, if we have a MAX middle, this is just a freebet opportunity with a little surebet (it could be big one)
Under/Over Middle
U/O middles. Almost the same as the middles as described before. But here we are waiting for a specific number of goals in the match. In this example we have a bet on Over 2.25 and Under 2.5. Incase of a total two goals in the match (end result - 2:0, 1:1, 0:2)- we will win 100% of our under bet and will take back a half of our asian over bet which is our winner. The value number here is 28.25 which means that we risk a little amount to win 28.25 times, more if the result is good for us. It is possible to see middles as Over 2.5 and Under 2.75 (Conditions: 3:0, 2:1, 1:2, 0:3) Over 2.0 and Under 2.5 (Conditions: 2:0, 1:1, 0:2) Over 2.5 and Under 3.0 (Conditions: 3:0, 2:1, 1:2, 0:3) and so on...
There are very rare cases of middles like -0.25 and X2 or EH2(+1) when we are expecting a draw. In most cases it must be with a value more than 5 to be a good middle. You have to exclude matches with very big favourites.