How to avoid errors made by bookmakers

Sometimes bookmakers make a lot of interesting errors which lead to very large and unrealistic surebets. It can happen due wrong displayed oddsVisit OddStorm. For example:
You can see here an obvious error made in the odds for Over 2,5 goals. It can lead to a surebet over 40% which is actually true, but in 99% of all cases, this bet will be void by the bookmaker. We recommend that you avoid such odds or just to bet them just incase the bookmaker lets it stand. This will be very good value bet.
It can happen due to a wrongly displayed handicap. On the first picture you can see a normal and real 1 x 2 odds. On the second one you can check the odds and handicaps.
Correct 1x2 Odds
Wrong given handicap
The error here is in the handicap given in the match. The correct HC is +1 Goal for Treviso and for Ascoli, but in this case the handicap is messed up and the advantage is given to both home teams, which is obviously wrong. As we said before, avoid making surebets with such oddsVisit OddStorm, just can try to bet if you wish, but your stake will be returned if the bookie notices the error before the match.