Benefits from creating e-wallet account through OddStorm surebets service

No more waiting for OddStorm clients to get higher transaction limit!

     Most of you don't know that, but there is a way to get benefits for signing up at Skrill or Neteller through OddStorm!

     If you are not directed to Skrill or Neteller "sign up page" through OddStorm and sign up anyway at the beginning of your e-wallet experience you will have limited amount for transactions and every time you want to increase your transactions limit you will have to wait days or even weeks for the bank to approve your request. 

   We know arbitrage players can not afford to wait too long and that's why we have made an exclusive deals with all of them to make OddStorm's customers arbing experience even better! 

    If you sign up through OddStorm, the bank will know that you are OddStorm's customer and every time you want to increase your transactions limit you will get ahead of the rest customers of the bank and will have your limit extended for few days or even few hours!

    Sometimes the e-wallet managers are too busy and it takes a little bit more time to do this for our clients and if it is an emergency just write to our support team at and we will contact the e-wallet manager to see what's wrong.

    Do not waste more time waiting for an approval and create your Skrill or Neteller account now from the following links to make your arbing time better with OddStorm!