Oct 12, 2015

New Surebets Navigation

OddStorm presents you the so-long-waited New and Unique auto Navigation!

Hello OddStorm friends,

We are happy to announce that from now to on it won't be necessary to find the surebets manually. All this could happen automatically thanks to our New Auto Navigation! It will do all the job instead of you!

The navigation will lead you directly to the betting event page with a single click. Then all you have to do is:
1) enter the amount
2) click "bet"

That's all!

Thanks to the navigation, now it's easier than ever to choose and place surebets. You can convince by yourself by purchasing a subscription and check, or just take a look at the free quick tutorial how it works on the video below.    

Here are some hints that will be in use as a beginning: 

1. Choose Navigation->Run from App Menu. It opens two Chrome browsers. Do not close them! First is Navigation Panel, second Chrome is where bookmakers should be opened and auto-navigated.

2. Chrome instances are run in separate user profiles, which can be later customized by you, e.g. login into Google in order to have your stored credentials available, or installing Chrome plugins by your flavour.

3. After clicking on a surebet from Arbitrage List selected surebet will be put into the Calculator and instruction will be sent to already opened bookmakers to navigate and prepare its betslip.

4. Double clicking over arbitrage percent located in the Calculator area, instructs rearming the navigated bookmaker’s betslips.

5. Auto Navigation supports running on several Remote or Virtual Machines and navigating different logged-in bookmakers accounts upon surebet click, but VIP Plus subscription is needed for it.

OddStorm auto navigation is only available in Vip Plus subscriptions. You can download it from here: Download Navigation