OddStorm Surebets (Arbitrages) Calculator Manual

The Surebets Calculator will help you to calculate your stakes for the surebets you want to make.
For every single surebet that appears a different type of calculator will be available which in structure are very similar. There are several types of calculations.

Surebets with two (2) outcomes

In this we have an surebet with BetFred and Bet1128.
Plymouth vs Norwich from England, Championship
1 at 1.80 - BetFred (Plymouth to Win)
AH2 (0.5) at 2.29 - Bet1128 (Norwich to Win or Draw)
If we bet with BetFred 100, we have to bet 78.60 with Bet1128 at 2.29. If the odds change we have to recalculate the stake that we have to bet. Be very careful when you bet to avoid any mistakes.
TYPE: The all possible outcomes for the surebet as lines.
HC: Handicap given to the lines
ODD: The coefficients for the outcomes.
FIX: The stake that we use to calculate how much to bet on the other side
STAKE: Total amount we bet on the outcome
INCOME: Total profit from the surebet. It is possible to be negative.
BOOKMAKER: The bookie which offers the odds.
CALCULATE: Press it to calculate the stake we need to bet on the other side of the surebet.
WIN: Total returned amount.
STAKE: Total stake amount.
INCOME: Total income.
There are some kinds of surebet which have two outcomes, but there is a chance to take a half profit or zero profit in some cases, because they do not cover all outcomes at 100%. These kinds of surebets can be made very rarely. Usually with two Asian Lines. We will show most of them, but it is possible to appear similar to other surebets which are not shown here.
In this case we have an surebet which will give us a profit of 2.43% if the match ends with a Win for the home or away team. Incase of a draw, both stakes will be returned, and the profit will be 0.

Surebets with three (3) outcomes

In the next example you can see following outcomes:
AH1 (-0.5) - Win for the Home team in Pinnacle @ 2.18
X - Draw in GloBet @ 3.50
2 - Away team Win in GloBet @ 4.50

Surebets with four (4) outcomes

In the next example you can see following outcomes:
AH1 (-0.75) - Win for the home team with more than 1 goal in Pinnacle @ 2.20
EHX (-1) - Win for the home team with exactly one goal in Bet-at-home @ 3.35
X - Draw in BetFred @ 3.60
2 - Away team Win in Stan James @ 5.50