Oct 6, 2016

Back/Lay Arbitrages (Surebets)

Why Back/Lay arbs is the best solution to make money

Hello OddStorm friends,

From our experience and communication with many arb bettors, we notice that Back/Lay arbitrages are becoming preferable in the arb betting society and are a wonderful opportunity for arbers. Why? Let's find out!

On first place let's give a brief idea of "What is Back/Lay arbitrage (surebet)?". To place such arbitrage you will need a Bookmaker on one side and a Betting Exchange on the second side. All you have to do is bet on the Bookmaker that current event will happen (Back bet) and bet on the Betting Exchange that the same event won't happen (Lay bet). Then no matter the result of the event you will be a winner. Yes, just as simple as that.

We all know that the favorite sport of most of the soft bookmakers is neither Football, Tennis or any other, but to limit arbitrage players. We all have to deal with this every day and this is one of the reasons for turning to Back/Lay arbitrages for help. Thanks to them we don't have to deal with 2 arbitrage not friendly bookmakers at the same time anymore because we could just switch from one bookmaker to Betting Exchange, like Betfair for example. All the exchanges are arbitrage friendly, so hurray! - one less bookmaker where we will be limited!

Now when we know how to get rid of bookmakers where we are tired of being limited, thanks to Back/Lay surebets it's time to think about how this is going to affect the count of the arbitrages. The truth is that it won't harm it at all! The Betting Exchanges have so many events that are getting into arbitrage situation with all the soft bookmakers and sometimes even with the sharp ones, so you could even expect more arbs than before!

If you have ever wondered what is the max stake you can bet in the soft bookmakers because not all of them shows you such option, you can always see what is the max stakes you can place in the Betting Exchange. This could help you a lot in your strategy how much and where to place your stakes.

To summarize we would like to say that Back/Lay sure bets are great opportunity to make your arbing time easier and you should definitely take advantage of them. In this post, you can read how to do it for free. OddStorm team wishes you happy arbing and welcomes everyone who wants to learn how to bet on Back/Lays through our Desktop App. Don't hesitate to contact us at support@oddstorm.com if you have any questions - we are friendly!