May 14, 2015

Sports arbitrage (surebets) betting guides with OddStorm software

Sports arbitrage (surebets) betting guides with OddStorm software.

Hello OddStorm friends,

We are happy to announce our NEW service - "OddStorm TV"!
In this service the e-book becomes a movie.

    We will do our best to show you everything you need to know for arbitrage betting including all the functionalities of our Web and InPlay App, some of the tricks and ways of betting only through OddStorm software and much more in new customer-friendly, cool and easy for understanding way.

   You can send us your ideas about lessons you need to and we could transform your ideas into video.

    All the video guides will be uploaded in English, Polish and Czech language on our YouTube channel and Facebook page. You can find them also in section "VIDEO GUIDES" on the right side of our blog.

  The first episode is already completed and it explains "How to bet on LIVE (InPlay) with OddStorm software". Check it here.