May 19, 2015

New Desktop App Release v1.0.1

We are releasing new major version v1.0.1 of OddStorm Desktop App!

As we have released our new Web App that had a lot of new functionalities now it is time to make some improvements to our Desktop App.

New in version 1.0.1

Here are the major new features in the new version:

- Added Middles and Polish Middles for both PreMatch and InPlay
- Max opened tabs limit increased to 6 (from 3). Still three instance of the App can run on same machine.
- Added temporary filter by Bookmaker
- Up/Down arrows for odds movement shown on arbitrage list
- New filter options added on right-click popup menu over a surebet box with options to filter by current odd, league, event, bookmaker (depends on click location)
- Added expire function for filtered leagues and bookmakers
- Left click on a surebet box resets the calculator with clicked surebet current state
- Selected surebet state is updated even if it does not exists in the list retrieved from the server
- "Compact view" introduced. In this view, Calculator and Filters are moved in a tabs over the surebet list

And some minor changes:
- Bookmaker Sets improved
- Color scheme changed to match new OddStorm web design
- Improved performance: 5-8MB RAM footprint, CPU hardly goes to 1%
- Minor bugfixes

The subscription prices won't change and you can enjoy the new extras without extra charging.

Soon we are going to release new episodes explaining all of the hidden extras and functionalities that you might not know about our Web and Desktop App. 

If you haven't subscribed yet, hurry up and do it in YouTube channel, Blog newsletter and Facebook page to get the latest news and make your arbing experience with OddStorm even better! 

We are doing our best to make our service easy for use and understanding for you and will appreciate any ideas you might have about improving our service! 

Enjoy our new App and happy arbing with OddStorm!