Apr 29, 2015

Sports Arbitrage (Surebets) explained

What do we need to know for Sports Arbitrage Betting (Surebets)?

Arbitrage betting

Simultaneously placing bets on all possible outcomes on a particular sports market with different betting companies, where the bettor can make a profit regardless of the outcome.

Arbitrage example

Let’s look at a recent example. Germany playing against Russia on the FIVB World Championship (September 13, 2014). At a given time, Germany’s victory paid 5.4 at Marathon and Russia’s victory paid 1.26 at Bwin. I bet 150 Euros on Germany at Marathon and 650 Euros on Russia at Bwin. As Russia won, I got 819 Euros at Bwin (650 x 1.26). Given that the two bets were 800 Euros, my profit was 19 Euros. That’s a 2.375% profit. But what if Germany had won? I would have been paid 810 Euros at Marathon (150x5.4). Again, a profit.

If Cris Johnson was talking to OddStorm customers, he should have said “I've seen every possible ending. All of them are good for you.” That’s arbitrage betting.

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