Jul 6, 2015

Learn all the betting tricks with Arbirage Guides and OddStorm

Learn and practice with Arbitrage Guides and OddStorm

Hello friends,

We are happy to announce that there is a complete sports arbitrage betting course which is specially made for the users of OddStorm software. You will learn all the tricks that every successful arbitrage player should know.

Get detailed video examples and text explanation for the things you should know for sports arbitrage betting. This course is very useful for beginners and it is recommended to go through it and learn from our mistakes instead of making your own and lose money.

There is also a way to learn and practice sports arbitrage betting at the same time on special price!

You can get a subscription at OddStorm and Arbitrage Guides with special discount. All you need to do is:

  • Purchase a subscription at OddStorm for at least one week (InPlay, PreMatch or Both) 
  • Send your OddStorm username to support@arbitrageguides.com
  • Follow the instructions received by e-mail how to get 50% discount from your Arbitrage Guides subscription 
That's it!

Visit http://www.arbitrageguides.com/ and get started with your arbing career by learning and practice at the same time and all this with 50% discount!